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Top Notch Georgia Attorney Sanford Wallack Talks Defense

Top Notch Georgia Attorney Sanford Wallack Talks Defense

Atlanta, GA—Sanford Wallack says that he was fortunate enough to already know exactly what he wanted to do when he started law school.

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a criminal defense lawyer,” Wallack told laws.com in a recent interview.  “I'm not sure exactly why at a young age it appealed to me but it probably relates to standing up for the little guy, the underdog, and the notion of protecting each citizen’s rights to freedom and liberty.”

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In over 18 years practicing criminal defense in the metro Atlanta area, Wallack says that he's never looked back on his choice.  When clients come into his office, he says that he's seeing them at an incredibly difficult time in their lives.

“No one wants to be in the position of needing a criminal defense attorney,” he says.  “But if you do, you want the best criminal defense attorney you can get.”

For many in Atlanta, that means hiring Wallack, who has been named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by National Trial Lawyers and has handled cases relating to everything from RICO to sexual offenses to murder.  “I am dedicated to criminal defense and will fight tirelessly for my clients,” says Wallack.

Anyone considering a career as a defense attorney should start by getting their feet wet with as much courtroom exposure as possible, according to Wallack.  “Get as much hands-on experience as you can,” he says.  “Strongly consider working as a public defender or a prosecutor to get hands-on courtroom experience.”  

Wallack is also passionate about animal law, and is a member of the Animal Law section of the Georgia Bar Association.  He has provided pro bono assistance for clients in the area of animal law since his time in law school nearly two decades ago.

Making a choice about which cases to take depends on the rapport and relationship with clients, according to Wallack.  “Deciding which cases to take on is largely dependent on a client's finances, but it is also a matter of the client feeling comfortable with me as his or her attorney,” he says.  Without a level of comfort, it may be difficult for clients to be open with their lawyer or follow their advice.

Today, the criminal law world is changing fast, and nowhere is changing faster than the technology available to everyone in the courtroom.  Wallack believes that “jurors' access to the internet” is one of the biggest challenges facing trial attorneys today.

That's because jurors aren't supposed to do research outside the courtroom about cases that they're supposed to decide.  However, in an era where on-demand information is the norm, many can't resist the temptation.  While some cases have been thrown out because a juror was found to be doing outside research, it is unknown how many jurors do outside research without ever being found out.

Wallack takes great care to provide his clients with personal attention and to keep them apprised of every aspect of their case. His clients are informed of each step of the legal process and kept up-to-date on the status of their case. He presents clients with all options available in a clear, easy to understand manner so that they can make informed decisions on how their case should proceed.

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